Root Canal Therapy is a common procedure performed on teeth. Occasionally, even though the procedure was completed satisfactorily, an abscess may form at the apex (tip) of the tooth root. This can happen shortly after the completion of the root canal procedure or even years later. In order to treat this abscess, your dentist may recommend that an Apicoectomy be performed.

The Apicoectomy procedure requires exposing the bone at the end of the tooth root and locating the abscess. The infected tissue is then removed completely. A preparation is created in the apex of the tooth and a filling material is placed into the tooth preparation to create a seal. The tissues are then sutured back over the bone. This procedure generally has a fairly high success rate, however, conditions are sometimes present that prevent the Apicoectomy from being successful. Your surgeon will outline your condition prior to the procedure and advise you of any unusual findings after surgery.

The Apicoectomy procedure can be performed under a variety of anesthetic choices. These will be discussed in detail at the consultation appointment.

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