Anesthesia Options

The following anesthetic options are available to most patients. Those patients who have a medical problem(s) may not be candidates for one or more of the options. The anesthetic choices for each patient will be reviewed with them and discussed with  their physician if necessary. 1.    Local anesthesia –  injections of local anesthesia anesthetizes the surgical site(s) to provide a pain free experience. 2.    Nitrous oxide analgesia – Administered by a mask which covers the nose. This anesthetic decreases anxiety in the mildly anxious patient. This is used in conjunction with local anesthesia . 3.    Intravenous sedation – An intravenous anesthetic which provides a very relaxed state along with amnesia of the surgical procedure. This is used in conjunction with nitrous oxide and local anesthesia. Patients receiving IV sedation may not eat for 6 hours prior to the procedure. 4.    General anesthesia – An anesthetic which renders the patient unconscious. This is performed by board certified anesthesiologists at one of our affiliated Surgery Centers; Short Hills Surgery Center in Millburn, NJ or the Barnabas Health Ambulatory Surgery Center in Livingston, NJ. Patients receiving general anesthesia may not eat for 7 hours prior to the procedure.

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